Life is filled with beauty. Above us, below us, around us...inside us. Breathe it in. Inspire Your Life!

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Inspired Life Workshops

Inspired Life Workshops is an invitation to a deeply meaningful life. 

Inspired Life provides transformational workshops and individual coaching that invites participants to explore what is truly alive in them. We inspire people to step into their most powerful self, to whole, to heal, to feel empowered to live in radical authenticity within the context of an emerging consciousness. Through deep process work, experiential exercises, in-depth teachings, discussions and profound self-inquiry, we create a safe environment to allow real transformation to take place for the healing of ourselves and our world. 

Join us in one of our upcoming workshops or book a private session today to discover your most powerful self and truly live an Inspired Life!

Latest News & Events

Doorway to Wholeness

Loves...Be gentle with yourself. Every experience is part of your journey, and it is perfect.

No need to be overwhelmed in feelings of guilt or shame, unworthiness or fear... you are an explorer, a scientist experimenting with when these feelings arise, experience them with curiosity. Ask them what they want you to know. Embrace all of your experiences, all of your emotions. Each of them is an ally -- confusion, fear, joy, love -- befriend them, and allow them to become a doorway into your wholeness.

Remember that you are the dreamer, you are not the dream. You choose how the story unfolds. And every part of the unfolding has information to support you as you deepen into your understanding of life and Self.

Earth, Evolution, Empowerment

Sunday, April 24th - 10am-12pm- As we celebrate Earth Day, I invite you to come together with me and deep dive into the voice of the Earth within us. The great calling of our time, the evolutionary impulse calling us forward and into the next level our conscious awakening.

This is an important conversation and experience that will shed light and a more profound understanding on what is happening within us and our world, and I believe we MUST come together as a community to engage in this work.

Be F*cking Brave

Whenever ideas or limiting beliefs or stories that I tell myself get in the way of doing what I know I must do, I simply remember these three powerful words: Be Fucking Brave.

Sometimes life can feel intense, a little bit scary or overwhelming, sometimes we feel haunted by our past experiences and they make us feel paralyzed or send us into a downward spiral of self-destruction and pain, because we begin to identify with the role of a victim or get attached to a story about who we think we are rather than the actuality of who we are. These stories cloud us from seeing the brilliant person within, who is aching to emerge powerfully into this world.

Val Silidker on Persicope! Collection of over 100 videos.

In the past six months, I have offered over 100 videos on Periscope filled with powerful wisdom to help transform your life. You are invited to watch them all for FREE! This is my gift to you, dear friends. You can watch them -->HERE<--. And to join me LIVE on this interactive platform, connect with me on Periscope @ValSilidker. Simply download the app for free on your mobile device and connect through your twitter account.

Val Silidker Interview on Hayouse Radio


You have a calling and powerful gifts to share with our world. So what's holding you back? Join Val Silidker, M.S., PLC, Deep Ecologist and Psychosynthesis Coach, on Hayhouse radio as she guides you to break through the blocks that keep you from shining and activate your inner warrior so you can finally, fully step into the person that you are meant to be.

This will be a very activating show. I hope you can all tune in!!

-->Listen Here<--

Featured Interview on The Jennifer Grace Show!

The Call of the Wild

Honored to be interviewed on The Jennifer Grace Show March 2016. A fabulous spiritual parody show that reminds us not to like life too seriously! Check out the interview here --> The Jennifer Grace Show Call of the Wild. <--

The Power Within: 10 Day FREE Challenge to Radically Shift Your Perception of Self and Activate the Universal Forces Within


March 14-23, 2016

The real revolution is the evolution of consciousness. - unknown
Science and our modern cosmology are a window into the true nature of our being and the limitless potential within us. As we come to understand the powers that exist both within the Universe and ourselves, we understand more fully what it means to be human. We become empowered with insight and inspired with the courage to live our full potential.

Are you ready to emerge as the powerful leader you were born to be?

Winter Feast for the Soul Global Meditation Movement

Join me for another beautiful Winter Feast for the Soul: 40 days of Meditation and Mindfulness!


Winter Feast 40 days begins January 15th to February 23rd

The Winter Feast for the Soul offers you a unique opportunity to cultivate inner peace and compassion for all life by committing to your spiritual practice for 40 minutes a day for 40 days starting on January 15th, with our opening ceremony on January 14th. It embraces all spiritual traditions and organizations; all are welcome to attend.

Gratitude is a Revolutionary Act


As we gather together today to reflect on our lives and all that we have to feel thankful for, I invite us to explore the true power of gratitude and how it can transform our lives.

Gratitude brings with it a deep sense of peace and freedom.

It is liberating, AND It is subversive. It transforms our perception and is, ultimately, a revolutionary act.



Psychosynthesis Complimentary Teleconference Class Series

Do you want to connect even more deeply with your TRUE SELF?
Are you eager to heal your wounds?
Are you ready to move from the realization of YOUR purpose to manifestation?


August 21, 22 and Sept 2, 2015

REGISTER BY EMAIL to get the phone number and login code:

Sacred Activism Presentation at New Life Expo

Sacred Activism: Awakening the Peaceful Warrior

Join me at 1pm Sunday, March 15th at the New Life Expo.

Inspired by Mythic Stories, modern cosmology and holistic psychology, we will explore the depths of our connection to life and the unique gifts within us that we are taking out to the world!

Speaking at GreenPlanet Festival


Join me for a presentation on Sacred Earth, Sacred Activism, at the GreenPlanet Festival on February 28th, 2015 at Broward Convention Center. This powerful workshop invites us to step forward to be part of the global transformation known as The Great Turning.

Keynote Presentation at Revitalize the Divine Feminine Retreat

Join Val Silidker and 15 other powerful women in a transformational retreat to Revitalize Your Divine Feminine! *Brought to you by the amazing Kathleen Haden*

October 31- November 3, 2014

Opening night Keynote Presenter: Val Silidker, M.S.
Reclaiming our Power, Transforming our World

Learn ways to Open the Soul, Center the Mind and Strengthen the Body...

The Zen Cruise February 2015

Join me for The Zen Cruise 2015!! This time, we are sailing to Jamaica and Haiti February 9-14th, 2015.

Experience THE ZEN CRUISE 2015 and join us for the ultimate MIND, BODY, SPIRIT adventure!

The Zen Cruise is a powerful transformational journey at sea celebrating mindfulness through world-class YOGA and HEALING ARTS presenters, ecstatic DANCE, soul-thriving live and electronic MUSIC, Drumming, sacred CEREMONY, inspirational experiences and a nourishing conscious COMMUNITY!

SpiritDance: A Blindfolded, Multisensory Ecstatic Dance Experience

Expand the Love invites you to join us for a powerful evening of Meditation in Motion...

SpiritDance: A Blindfolded, Multisensory Ecstatic Dance Experience

Facilitated by Val Silidker | Music by Eric Dez

Friday, December 13th, 2013
7:30pm to 10:30pm

Join with us as we embody the Mystery of our being, awakening and activating the memory within us and connecting more deeply with the true essence of our selves in this Sacred Dance of Life.

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium

Transform Your World and Join us for this empowering symposium!

January 11th, 2014

$20 Suggested Donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)


The Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium is an inspirational educational program developed by the Pachamama Alliance in response to the accelerating degradation of our planet.

These programs explore and generate action in fulfillment of the following vision: To bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet.

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